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Dream Body Weight Loss

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As a effective slimming product, Dream Body Slimming Capsules let you drop weight with no worry about diet and exercise, you don't need to find time and take great willpower to do long term exercise, what's more, no side effects will be carried, it is a 100% natural product which is completely produced with essence extracted from natural herbal plants, such as Small Fennel, Cassia Seed and so on.

Main composition:
Bitter Orange, Green Tea Extract, Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf Extract, Dietary Fiber

The herbal ingredients have a high affinity for body fat. They help people achieve the ideal effect of weight loss by cleaning up the extra fat and toxin absorbed on the intestine, blocking excessive absorption of fat, and controlling body fat in normal levels with metabolic adjustment.

Specifications: 500mg*30 pills/Box
Usage and Dosage: Take 1 capsule/ day (before or after breakfast)
Precautions: Not suitable for morbidly obese people, children, pregnant woman, patient with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease

by Blanca Hansen
It def does it it says it''s going to do. I have to remind myself to eat every 5 hours, it also gives me a ton of energy for my workout. This product is amazing, Def going to be in shape by summer!

by Wava Forbis
I really like the results from these pills! I just wish they were free!! We definitely noticed a decreased appetite My husband and I have been on this product for quite a while and both have lost weight.

by Britni Franke
I love this product it works I''ve been on it for two months and I have lost 15 pounds so far with no exercise. I get full faster and have seen a significant reduction in my sugar cravings. Wonderful!

by Doreatha Tolson
Having hypothyroidism, I\\''ve been gaining weight every month. I lost 9lbs. I was expecting for more. But im ok with the result as far.

by Willa Morton
It made me drink a lot of water and full all the day, I have taken it for 2 weeks, total 2kg lost, the effect is slow but does have, so 4* for you.

by Jessi Englund
I would recommend to anyone that wants to try this Dream Body Weight Loss. For me, in a 4 week time frame, I have lost about 8 lbs. This is pretty much , I LOVE product and ill recommend this to all my friends.

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